Callaway FT I-Brid Irons for Sale

Are you a golfer who is frustrated where your game is at? Maybe you've been golfing for a long time, but have "lost the touch", or maybe you are a novice that is still learning the fundamentals. In either case, the Callaway FT I-Brid Irons are for you!

These irons are designed by Callaway for game improvement. They blend the control and accuracy of traditional irons with the forgiveness, distance, and versatility of hybrids. These clubs have long, light shafts that come in your choice of steel or graphite. The Callaway FT I-Brid Irons boast a very thin, oversized clubface. Users will recognize the huge "sweet spot" on these clubs, and combined with the lightweight titanium body, the clubs create an increased offset which leads to greater forgiveness. These Callaway FT I-Brid Irons for sale are composed of a heavy Tunite weighting in the sole which give the clubs a low, deep center of gravity. That lower center of gravity creates a higher moment of inertia with the swing, and leads to better stability. The TPU SenSert (polycarbonite) tip at the end of the shaft absorbs almost all vibration and creates a solid feel upon contact.

FT Ibrid Irons on

These Callaway FT I-Brid Irons are a great choice for anyone who wants to focus on game improvement. If you find yourself struggling with normal irons (especially longer irons), give these golf clubs for sale a try! The wider sole of the club head improves turf interaction, and gives you a "thuddy" feel, which is important since almost all of the vibration is absorbed upon impact. Your swing will feel clean and neat, and these irons will grant you great forgiveness with miss-strikes. If you are an older golfer, these clubs will help you regain lost distance, help with your accuracy, and give you great swing confidence, which will get you back in the game fast! You may get a little frustrated with these clubs if you are a low handicap player who likes to work the ball. The heel and toe weighting in these clubs is there to prevent the twisting of the club head (back to fundamentals, remember!), not working the ball.

Even the pros, no matter what sport they play, have to consistently go back and focus on the fundamentals of the game when they aren't playing like they want to, and where golf is concerned, these irons will help you do just that.  If you don't think these are up to the task, check out our other Callaway Golf Club Reviews.

As you can see there is a big difference between new and preowned golf clubs for sale. Head back to Callaway Irons For Sale and check out some other golf clubs for sale!