Callaway X-18 Irons For Sale

Classic Callaway innovations are no stranger in their patented X series. The Callaway x-18 Irons for sale are not an exception to these technologies. They feature progressive technologies like the 360-Degree Undercut Channel that makes for a more advanced weight distribution to the perimeter of the clubhead. This will not only increase the height and distance of each shot but increases the club's forgiveness. The Extreme Notch Weighting increases the moment of inertia, or MOI, which gives more stability and a decreased chance of losing distance on off-center strokes. Another feature of the Callaway x-18 Irons for sale is the patented S2H2 design system which plays a big part in giving the ball lift and also adding to the forgiveness of this iron set. The Tru-Bore technology takes the shaft tip all the way through the entire clubhead which makes these irons some of the most stable available.

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There is nothing not to love about the Callaway x-18 Irons for sale. They have top of the line control, stability, and have a classic feel. Callaway got it right with these performance-improving X series irons. The forgiveness of each swing is exceptional thanks to the short straight hollow hosel technology. The way this technology distributes the weight throughout the clubhead is unbelievable. Then they have managed to lower the CG, or center of gravity, by utilizing their Variable Face Thickness. This gives a higher launch angle and a superior trajectory with each stroke. Besides all of the great technology that is sure to improve any golfer's game no matter what level he or she is playing at, these Callaway x-18 Irons for sale just look great. They have a classic design and head shape and do not have the glaring chrome finish like some other clubs. They feel great to swing and give a satisfying and confident feeling at the approach.

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