Callaway x-24 Hot Irons For Sale

The Callaway x-24 Hot Irons for sale join the x-series of Callaway irons as the longest and most accurate irons of all. The variable face technology, or VFT, is exclusive to Callaway clubs and lowers the center of gravity for each iron in the set. This means the player will achieve optimum trajectory along with more height on the launch angles when using long irons and a more accurate trajectory as well as better heights when using the short irons and wedges. The precision notch weighting distributes more weight around the perimeter of the head which promotes exceptional accuracy and ball control. This unique weight distribution also creates a higher moment of inertia which provides superior forgiveness and optimum ball control and stability all the while maintaining the CG position which will make for excellent feel and ideal trajectories. Forgiveness is also increased with Callaway's 360-Degree Undercut Channel which puts the center of gravity lower and farther back in the clubhead. This enlarged clubhead hitting area also promotes exceptional stability.

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There is a great amount of technology put into each Callaway x-24 Hot Irons for sale. The engineers over at Callaway have thought of everything that any golf player trying to improve their handicap could ever possibly need in a club. Longer shots, higher ball speeds, increased accuracy, phenomenal forgiveness, solid feel at the approach, higher launching angles, the list goes on and on. They have taken some progressive features and incorporated them all together to make a superior set of irons. The long irons deliver with longer shots that follow an accurate and intended trajectory. The short irons have a fantastic launch that cuts up to superior heights right from the start. Along with all the excellent technology, the Callaway x-24 Hot Irons for sale have a great look to them. They have the Dark Physical Vapor Finish which is a unique dark finish with no glare. It looks much better than some of the super shiny chrome finishes other irons have to offer. These irons also have good shock absorption and feel great at the approach while finishing with a satisfying sound.

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