Callaway X18R Irons For Sale

Are you a professional golfer who is looking for performance enhancing technologies to improve your game? Are you a recreational golfer who needs a little more forgiveness against miss strikes in order to score better? It is rare that the same clubs could meet both of those needs, but these Callaway X18R Irons will do just that!

The Callaway X18R Irons have several features that have helped make Callaway one of the leading golf club manufacturers. These clubs have extreme notch weighting that raises the moment of inertia by allowing more weight distribution to the heel and toe of the iron. When compared with other irons, the Callaway X18Rs also have a deeper 360 degree undercut channel. This allows for more perimeter weighting which places the center of gravity lower and further back in the club head, which in turn enlarges the hitting area and stabilizes the club head for more forgiveness. They are great looking clubs too! These Callaway X18Rs for sale have a traditional head shape with a high polished finish, making your shot AND your golf bag look great!

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Because of the extreme notch weighting which creates more weight distribution on the ends of the club head, these irons have much greater forgiveness than other clubs in their class. When you strike the ball, you will feel more stability, and you will notice that the club won't "dig in" to the ground, even if you strike it heavy. That increased forgiveness will prevent you from losing too much distance on hits that are off-center. That is what recreational golfers love about these irons! And professional golfers also carry the Callaway X18Rs in their bag because of the performance enhancing technologies. The undercut channel enlarges the hitting area, which creates a large "sweet spot" to make contact with. And a thinner sole also provides enhanced comfort (and therefore, confidence) at address.

The price for success is not always cheap, but these Callaway X18R irons will definitely prove themselves to be worth the money as you watch your handicap drop! Check out more Callaway Golf Clubs For Sale.

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