Nike SlingShot Irons For Sale

Nike SlimShot Irons for sale have the ultimate weight management technology which results in superior forgiveness. They feature thirty grams of power bow weighting which has been engineered to be distributed low and back. This low weight distribution results in a larger sweet spot and a much deeper CG which is found in the air that is behind the face. This low and deep weight distribution is combined with a deeper sole to promote optimal launch and better loft. With the air center of gravity located off the face, the spin of the ball is also reduced which cuts air resistance and results in longer distances. They are designed with a moderate offline, sole, and offset. The cavity is full with a Powerbow. They feature an over sized blade which helps with a good cut and superior heights. The feedback is good and promotes a confident stroke.

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Golfers looking for a better level of play or hoping to improve their numbers will benefit from trying out the Nike SlimShot Irons for sale. There is much to be said for the design of these clubs. Nike put a lot of emphasis in the weight distribution throughout the club head which will help anyone who is in need of a forgiving club. It's not going to be easy to find a set of irons that will offer better forgiveness than these. In addition to the superior forgiveness, these irons promote an accuracy that will no doubt improve the average golfer's game. If he typically is shooting in the 80s, he can expect to hit in the 70s after a month with the Nike SlimShot Irons. Besides improving the game, they have great feedback and feel really good in the hand. The grip is good and there is always the fact that these clubs look great. Their stylish design give an extra boost of confidence.

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