Nike SQ Sumo 2 Hybrid Irons For Sale

The Nike SQ Sumo 2 Hybrid Irons for sale have a unique square head shape. A more generous offset is a result of the head design. There is optimum weight distribution throughout the perimeter of the head which makes for one of the highest MOI levels in any Nike Hybrid to date. These clubs were designed to allow for superior high launches, softer landings, and excel in stability. Another feature of the Nike SQ Sumo 2 Hybrid Irons for sale is the patented Variable Cryo Steel Face that is unique to the Nike brand. This face is thick yet lightweight and thins out progressively towards the edges of the face which gives stable and consistent ball speeds, longer distances, and more forgiveness. Also unique to Nike is the PowerBow weighting system. This pulls the weight down and out towards the perimeter of the clubhead to lower the CG and raise the MOI for a stable impact with maximum forgiveness. The back irons have a longer blade length with a wider sole which lowers the CG for more stability and control of the ball. There is the also the Nike TPU insert for optimum shock absorption and a pure, satisfying feedback.

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If there is one word that can sum up the Nike SQ Sumo 2 Hybrid Irons for sale, it will have to be wow. Nike went to great lengths to create a hybrid club that delivers superior speeds, consistent ball control, and is forgiving without sacrificing a single ounce of maneuverability. The feel of these clubs is phenomenal. They are extremely stable and solid. There is no vibration when using these clubs, their little TPU insert really does the job well for absorbing all that energy. Besides being an awesome club to swing, they look great! The yellow and black coloring along with the unique square head are really eye-catching.

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