Nike SQ Sumo Irons For Sale

The Nike SQ Sumo Irons for sale have several key features that are unique to the Nike brand and have great game-improving qualities. The geometry of these irons include a longer blade length, wider sole, and the patented Nike PowerBow insert. These elements combine to give a superior perimeter weighting resulting in a higher moment of inertia. This high MOI makes for a more forgiving club. The PowerBow weighting moves the center of gravity lower and deeper making way for a stable impact. There is little vibration through the shaft because of the TPU material insert. This insert absorbs most of the unwanted shock leaving a satisfying feedback. These features are combined with conservative lofts and lengths throughout the set for a streamlined progression.

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Players with a middle to high handicap, those who want to add at least 10 yards to their average golf game, or anyone looking for a really cool looking club should check out the Nike SQ Sumo Irons for sale. The design may take some getting used to, but the playability of these clubs along with the really stylish yellow insert make for an improved game no matter how much of a novice the hitter is. Finding the sweet spot is a breeze and it's easy to achieve a superior launch and get great ball speeds. The sole on the Nike SQ Sumo Irons for sale are much wider than some other clubs which takes some getting used to as well but is easy to get past. These clubs pack a lot of power but there is no sacrificing stability. There is a lot of control in these and it's nearly effortless to get great distance because of the higher launch angles that come from the neat PowerBow that Nike uses in their clubheads. The thicker topline also add to the control and power, and the impact is gratifying with very little vibration. These are great clubs and will garner a lot of attention from fellow players on the course.

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