Ping G5 Golf Clubs For Sale

If you're looking for a set of golf clubs designed for more forgiveness on mishits, then the Ping G5 golf clubs for sale are perfect for you. One look at the G5 driver reveals that the club features a larger surface area which stabilizes its face.

The club's perimeter weighting has been enhanced, allowing for the greater forgiveness. In fact, the G5 increases the MOI (moment of inertia), allowing your mishits to still travel a greater distance while staying straighter. The Center of Gravity has been altered by creating a wider sole, so your balls will go higher from the moment of contact. And these Ping G5 golf clubs for sale reduce the ball's spin.

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The Ping G5 comes in a complete lineup of clubs. There are irons in 2 - 9, plus putters, hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers. By using Ping's color-coded system for custom-fitting, you're sure to find Ping G5 golf clubs for sale that are perfect for you.

Once you take the G5 lineup out on the course, you'll feel and hear the difference. From the first swing, you can feel the different weighting on the G5s. Your swing will feel more natural and comfortable. On impact, you hear what a golf club should sound like. And you'll relish the improved sweet spot. Just watch as your shots fly higher and go the distance while traveling in a straighter line. If you're used to slicing your shots, you'll see a dramatic improvement when you hit a G5 driver.

Purchase these Ping G5 golf clubs for sale before your next tee time. With the G5s in your bag, you'll have a game-changing set of clubs that can take strokes off your final scores and make your golf games even more enjoyable. With the added forgiveness, even mishits won't ruin a day on the course.

As you can see there is a big difference between new and preowned golf clubs for sale. Head back to Ping Irons For Sale and check out some other golf clubs for sale!