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Looking for better control? Take a look at the Ping i15 golf clubs.

Ping creates a golf club for every style of golfer. With their i15 lineup, Ping targeted players who need more control and workability from their set of clubs. Basically, golfers who don't need a game-improver line of clubs but who are aren't ready to go up against the pros on the PGA Tour will appreciate the differences in the i15 series.

The titanium head of the i15 driver features a bulge crown design and deeper face to create a better energy transfer from the club to the ball. The hosel sits back from the face, which is the way the pros on the tour prefer their club designs. Every detail of the i15 was designed with your golf game in mind. The graphics badge is actually a dampener that works for you on the course.

Experienced golfers will enjoy the design of the fairway wood, with its elongated stainless-steel head which provides increased forgiveness. The versatile head design of the hybrid allows golfers to enjoy better control. And the i15 irons offer dual stabilizing bars and a Custom Tuning Port (CTP) for the feel and sound the pros prefer.

Now that you know what the Ping engineers did for you in the lab, you'll want to know what difference you can expect to see out on the course. For starters, expect greater ball speed when you play with these Ping i15 golf clubs for sale. Experienced golfers who want a lower ball flight in exchange for shots that penetrate better and are more controllable will love the way they hit these clubs. There's also less spin on the ball, which again helps with control.

When you take these Ping i15 golf clubs for sale out on the course, you'll realize that a whole new array of possible shots suddenly opens up to you. You'll be able to tweak aspects of your game and take better control of your shots with the i15 series of clubs in your bag.

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