Ping S56 Irons For Sale

Avid golfers will see an immediate difference in their game when they purchase Ping S56 golf clubs for sale. How good are these clubs? Well, Louis Oosthuizen won the 2010 British Open with them before the clubs were even available to the public.

The Ping S56 irons are available in 2-9, plus a pitching wedge, and feature variable tungsten toe weighting positions to alter the Center of Gravity (CG) from iron to iron. The Stabilizing Bars are narrower in the long irons and then get progressively wider into the short irons. So with the long irons, golfers see a higher launch. In the short irons, golfers enjoy more control.

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An enhanced vertical custom tuning port forces the club's weight further to the outside, providing golfers with greater forgiveness in every shot. One look at these clubs, and players will actually see the difference. PGA Tour players consulted with Ping on the shape and size of each S56 iron. So these clubs have been approved by experienced pros who know what they need from a golf club to keep their games at their elite levels.

When you play with these Ping S56 golf clubs for sale, you'll see and feel the difference. The moment you take your first swing, you'll notice that the ball goes higher and faster. So you'll get to the green in fewer strokes. And once you're there, you'll enjoy the enhanced ball control that allows you to really take charge of those crucial shots and shave points off your scores.

It's time to take your golf game to a whole new level with these clubs for sale. Join the pros who have already put the powerful Ping S56 irons to work for them and experience higher trajectories and better shot control. Putting Ping S56 clubs in your bag is the right move to make before your next tee time.

As you can see there is a big difference between new and preowned golf clubs for sale. Head back to Ping Irons For Sale and check out some other golf clubs for sale!