Ping S58 Irons For Sale

Ping has been a leader in golf club engineering for a long time, and customization of their clubs is one of the key reasons. In addition to their famous color-coded system of individualizing club selection according to your size and swing, Ping also targets their various lines of clubs to players at all levels.

When Ping introduced the S58 line, they had mid-to-upper level players in mind. The S58 iron features a smaller, more traditional head, like the ones the tour pros use. The Center of Gravity (CG) sits further back in the long irons for a somewhat higher trajectory of ball flight. But the short irons move the CG forward, creating more control and a penetrating ball flight. This change of CG is thanks to a dual cavity design as well as a vertical stabilizing bar. Both features create a change in the feel of the club that you'll enjoy swing after swing.

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More experienced players will enjoy the look of the irons as well, with their thin top line and their brushed finish. The hosel notch control, patented by Ping, allows for precision loft and lie adjustments. The engineers at Ping understand that more experienced players can let the clubs do less while their own style of swing does more.

But that doesn't mean that the Ping S58 irons don't offer forgiveness. In spite of their smaller heads, you can still mishit the occasional shot and find your way to the green.

If your golf game is good, but you've become stuck in a rut at your handicap, switching to the Ping S58 clubs may be the answer to elevating your game once again. Demo these Ping S58 golf clubs for sale and see what a smaller head can do to your ball flight and distance. Don't let your game stagnate at its present handicap when these clubs can be the difference you need.

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