TaylorMade rac LT 2005 Irons For Sale

TaylorMade rac LT 2005 irons have exceptional workability. They are made from tempered steel with a coin-forged head and slight cavity back. The rac technology is improved with larger feel pockets which absorb vibrations giving a superior feel to the club. The 32 grams of weight saved with the repositioned Tuned Performance Cartridge is redistributed from the center to the perimeter which makes a profound impact on the MOI. The thin club face also saves weight and makes for more forgiveness on mis-hits. The minimal offset enhances accuracy and gives the rac LT 2005 a traditional look.

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The look and feel of TaylorMade rac LT 2005 irons is exquisite. They give an incredibly smooth feel with little to no vibration up the shaft. The feedback gives satisfaction and these clubs promote assertiveness at the approach. The classic design is not just for looks but increases accuracy as well. These irons give ultimate control and workability. Using the rac LT will make any round more consistent as they are very forgiving of mis-hits and even off-center shots will not disrupt a player's consistency. Superior distance, ball speeds, and a consistent trajectory are selling points as well. The launch and loft of the ball rival that of any other more modern or advanced club. TaylorMade knew what they were doing in 2005 and got it right when they manufactured these clubs. Any golfer looking to improve their handicap ought to consider trying out the TaylorMade rac LT 2005 irons.

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