Titleist 735 Irons For Sale

The Titleist 735 Irons for sale are an aesthetically pleasing set of clubs that offer excellent playability and easy maneuvering. The transition between the long and short irons is smooth and consistent giving an exceptional performance level. No matter which type of shot needed to be made, the progressive CG, MOI, blade length, topline, and and offset make them feel effortless while giving a tour-quality performance. These irons are forged out of either 1025 mild carbon steel or the extra durable 410 stainless steel. The grip is the classic Titleist Tour Velvet Round which provides a great soft feel while still having that perfect amount of traction. The stock shaft is the patented Titleist Dynamic Gold in either S300 or R300.

Players who are looking for an exceptional tour-quality set of irons would get plenty of satisfaction out of using the Titleist 735 Irons for sale. They have a strong and heavy feel to them that makes for a solid feeling stroke and a feedback that will not cover up your mis-hits. These are good for established golfers who want a straight hitting club that is giving a top-notch performance while still being easy to maneuver. The bulk of these irons makes for a confident approach and these give the type of consistent game that low handicappers have been craving. There is a nice fluid transition from the long irons to the short that make for seamlessly consistent shots on every type of swing. The low irons provide a perfect amount of height and loft and the short irons give a repeatedly controlled hit that will stay on the intended trajectory. Aside from all of the high-performance qualities of these clubs, they look great with a compact clubhead that is more round that some of the Titleist other series and they have the traditional design that is a pleasure to look at and handle.