Titleist 755 Irons For Sale

The Titleist 755 Irons for sale are a part of the tour-proven 700 series platform that focus on high-quality performance and increased playability. The cavity volume was increased when they engineered the face to be thinner thus distributing the weight through the heel-toe and resulting in a higher moment of inertia. This is key in creating an iron that is exceptionally forgiving and playable. The cavity also has a forged aluminum dampener chip that serves as a filter for superior shock absorption. The result is a soft yet solid feeling with highly satisfactory feedback. The T-6 6061 face insert also provides better reinforcement for the thinner face and makes the clubhead more durable. The CG is lower in these forged irons creating a controlled medium-high flight and an effortless initial launch. Trajectory management and a predictability despite turf conditions are accredited to the dual hosel lengths and high-performance sole. The Titleist 755 Irons for sale are made in a multi-step forging process using 410 stainless steel. There are several customizable options for the shafts and grips.

Mid-handicappers will rejoice upon discovering all of the benefits the Titleist 755 Irons for sale have to offer. These clubs feel solid without being heavy and are forged from stainless steel which is much more durable than some of the other carbon steels. Swinging these clubs feels effortless. The sound of impact is satisfying, much like a click of a safety belt, and gives a confident feeling. They have inserted an aluminum chip that absorbs some of the shock from impact and it makes for a noticeably smooth connection. The aluminum chip is also quite stylish looking and gives the traditional clubhead a modern twist. The weight is mostly concentrated in the low heel-toe areas which make for forgiving off-center shots. These clubs won't leave one wondering where their ball is going to land. These clubs have the perfect feel and are highly accurate.