Titleist AP1 Irons For Sale

The Titleist AP1 Irons for sale are high-performance, multi-material irons that have high-quality engineering and technology resulting in a top of the line set of clubs. The face is soft and combined with the aluminum and soft elastomer "Tuned Feel System" of the back cavity make for an exceptional feel at impact along with a satisfying sound which improves confidence at the approach. The vibration frequency throughout the shaft is low thanks to a tungsten nickle sole bar that is high in density. This same tungsten nickle sole bar combined with the weighted perimeter clubhead and back flange lowers the CG while raising the MOI making for a solid, stable, and forgiving club. The duel cavity design along with the thin face promote smoother flight with less ball rotation. The short irons feature a shorter blade and thin top line resulting in optimum control and performance. The Titleist AP1 Irons for sale feature a lightweight NS Pro 105T Shaft with a medium tip.

Golfers looking for an enhanced performance club who don't want to sacrifice feel or playability will be happy with the Titleist AP1 Irons for sale. These clubs look good in the bag, feel good in the hand, swing exceptionally well, and produce a fine sound without much vibration. It's evident that when they were designing these clubs they had the feel of them in the front of their minds. From the grips down to the tip, no small detail was left out. The lightweight shaft is also a factor in the fluid feel of these irons at each stroke. Golfers can gain accurate yardage out of using these AP1 irons and find themselves playing in a more consistent manner. These are also highly forgiving clubs especially on off-center hits. The compact clubhead with thinner face make finding the sweet spot a breeze. These are great clubs to have in the bag.