Titleist CB Irons For Sale

The Titleist CB Irons for sale have an improved feel and great look. They are forged from 1025 carbon steel and have a sleek looking chrome plating. The blade lengths are longer with a softer topline which makes for a more confident address. The cavity shape is optimized and has a strong cavity muscle for a solid and confident impact. The back of the cavity is full creating a higher moment of inertia which makes the club very forgiving. The center of gravity is lower in the long irons allowing for more control and superior ball flight. The leading edge is blunt and the sole is cambered for little turf resistance and smooth strokes. Titleist CB Irons for sale feature the tour quality True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts for exquisite feel, control, and satisfying feedback. They have a sleek classic look with a soft topline and rounder face.

Established golfers will love the sleek and classic look that the Titleist CB Irons for sale have. The head is nice and compact with a slender sole which are a throwback to Titleist irons from the past. They took this great design and added superior cavity weighting with a thinner face to make hitting the sweet spot all the more easy. The confidence that can be taken at the address is a major selling point for these irons. They have minimal offset and exude nothing but power and control with each strike. The way these clubs feel is an ideal mix of solid and strong, yet still soft and forgiving. These are tour quality irons without being out of a novice's league. The long irons do the job by helping with increased height and distance. Not only will the ball go farther but it stays on an accurate trajectory. These are game-improving clubs that do not lack any feel or workability.