Titleist MB Irons For Sale

The Titleist MB Irons for sale have a solid feel because of the impact area and its uniform muscle shape behind it. This uniform and powerful muscle shape and weighting make for a launch angle that is consistent. Accuracy and precise shot control and distance control are also a direct result from this progressive muscle shape and weighting. The shaft is made of tour-quality True Temper Dynamic Gold which also has an exceptional feel, optimum control, and satisfying feedback. The velvet grip is soft and pliable while still having just the right amount of traction. The round profile and soft topline of the clubhead are classic in looks but progressive in performance. Each blade in the set is consistent with low offset levels which make for excellent shots. The sole is cambered and narrow allowing for crisp and confident shots.

Serious golfers who appreciate a classic look and exceptional feel that comes from a forged blade will enjoy the Titleist MB Irons for sale. These traditional irons have what any high-performance golfer looks for in an iron set. Solid shots with smooth fluidity give a confident feeling at the address that lasts throughout the entire round. Accurate and on-course trajectories along with solid, straight as an arrow shots make this set of irons reliable and a favorite amongst professionals. The head size is ideal and they cut straight through the air with very little turf resistance. This smaller more compact head size also doesn't sacrifice the sweet spot, it is still very easy to find making excellent shots easy to achieve more often. The divots are nice and long while giving great distance with less effort. Single digit golfers will not be disappointed in these high performing clubs with a superb feel. The ball control and consistency between shots is superb.