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Golf Club Buying Guide

Tee Shot with Best Golf Clubs For Sale
Whether you are buying your first set or replacing an old one, buying golf clubs is something that takes a considerable amount of consideration. Just like with any big purchase, there are a lot of factors to be considered and pros and cons to be weighed. Use this guide to discover which golf clubs for sale are the best for you.

The very first thing you should consider is what exactly you need. Consider how often you play and on what level you wish to be on. Do you play strictly for fun and recreation? Perhaps you are hoping to better your game and get into competitive golfing. Low, mid, and high-handicap golfers have different golf club needs, so this is an important determination to be made before purchasing golf clubs.

After determining what you need for your particular handicap, figure out what your golf club budget is. How much are you willing to invest? Is golfing going to be a lasting hobby that you will enjoy often and for many years to come? If so, it is safe to spend a bit more on your equipment. If you are simply in the market for clubs for casual and infrequent use, budget wisely. There are great golf club options for all types of budgets.

A complete set of golf clubs will consist of various irons, woods, and a putter and may not have more than fourteen clubs. Not all golfers require the same number of clubs. A beginner may be content with one wood, a few different irons, and perhaps a putter. A more seasoned golfer may prefer using a full set that includes the 3 through 9 irons, the power iron, three woods, and a putter. If you are a beginner, don't purchase more than you need. You can always add to your set as your interest in the sport increases.

Once you have decided how many clubs you are going to need, the next important step to take is to make sure you get the right size for your body. The first thing you need to determine is the correct lie of your clubs according to your height. Most golf outfitters and online retailers have a lie chart for you to reference. Generally, the shorter the person is the flatter lie they will require. Taller people need more of an upright angle.

Next, consider which type of shaft you want for your club. Most shafts are made of either graphite or steel. Graphite shafts are slightly less durable than steel, yet tend to be more expensive. Golf clubs with a graphite shaft are lighter, so the golfer gets more power on their swing. The added power does come at a cost as there is a lack of control when using graphite shafts. Many golfers prefer graphite because of its superior shock absorption as well.

Typically, golf clubs for sale with steel shafts cost less and last longer. Within a set, they have more consistency but it takes more power to swing one than it does to swing a graphite club. Stronger players with a mid to low-handicap may prefer the added control that comes with using a steel shafted club.

To determine the amount of flex you need in your club, you need to know how fast your swing is. The more powerful and swift your swing, the more flexible of a shaft you need. Some golf clubs are now manufactured with what they call a uniflex shaft. This will fit any player's speed and power.

Club heads also vary greatly and can have a big impact on your game. Stainless steel heads have a traditional look; tend to be heavier, and less expensive. Some prefer titanium heads because they can be bigger which means a bigger sweet spot. Woods are standard, mid-sized, or over-sized and are representative of the size of the sweet spot. Over-sized woods are the most forgiving on mishits.

Your irons will be either cast or forged. Players get a larger sweet spot with a cast iron club because its weight is mostly distributed on the outer face of the head. Cast irons are also more forgiving and are ideal for players who mishit. Forged irons feature a center of gravity in the middle of the club head and provide better control. These are more suited to lower handicapped hitters who are looking for consistency.

There is also the option of hybrid golf clubs. These are a versatile type of club that can complement just about any level of golfer's game. Generally you will get a longer distance out of a hybrid club without increasing your speed or the strength of which you use to hit your ball. These also can increase your accuracy because they allow for a higher margin of error than traditional clubs.

Your putter can also be customized according to your game and level of play. There are several different grips, inserts, head shapes, head materials, and shaft styles to choose from. All of these different options will have an impact on how much control you have over your putt. Aim for a weight that feels natural and allows you to have a natural feeling momentum when approaching your ball. You don't want to have to compensate with a stronger swing because your putter is too heavy. The same goes for a putter that is too light. You will over hit your ball if your putter isn't heavy enough for your weight and strength.

When purchasing your golf clubs, consider the opinions of others. There is no better way to know what to expect from a club than to speak to someone who has first-hand experience using it. Once you have narrowed down your choices and decided on which type of clubs you would like to purchase, seek out other golfers who have used that particular club before. They can offer you valuable tips and share their experience of that club with you.

You may also want to consider a club fitting before you decide which golf clubs for sale are going to compliment your performance the best. This can be done in a pro shop or even online. It can be as extensive as you like and may end up being a very valuable tool in determining what the perfect golf club for you will be. Just by answering a few simple questions about your measurements you can get valuable information that will help you determine the correct sized clubs that will in turn give you the best advantage in your game.