Callaway X-20 Irons For Sale

The Callaway x-20 Irons for sale utilize some of the most progressive technological advances which result in a remarkably versatile set of irons that have superb playability. These irons feature the Progressive Wall Reduction System which which lowers the club's center of gravity. A lower CG will result in achieving superior heights and distances. The unique design of each size iron in the set means that the CG will get progressively lower. The long irons have the lowest center of gravity which will make for increased height with an easy launch from the address. The Extreme Notch Weighting distributes the clubhead weight to the perimeter which creates a higher MOI that will help stabilize the club. The Undercut Channeling also cuts down on turf resistance and moves the CG lower and to the back of the clubhead. This creates an easy to find sweet spot. The Variable Face Thickness will also help to increase the ball speeds.

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For any golfer who dreams of taking the step from a mediocre to a good or even great player, the Callaway x-20 Irons for sale can get him there. It's not an unrealistic expectation to shave a good 10 or 12 strokes off a game after ten rounds. The trick to these clubs is the way they made them to progressively lower the CG in each iron of the set. The long irons give phenomenal height right at the launch and promote increased ball speeds. In addition to that, the accuracy of these clubs is a force to be reckoned with. Even on off-center shots, the forgiveness is first rate. The feel of these clubs is also one of the most comfortable and each stroke feels just about effortless. There is a satisfying connection each time the sweet spot is found and the shock absorption is stellar.

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