Callaway X-Forged Irons (2009)

Callaway has designed the 2009 X-Forged irons for an elite level of performance for highly skilled golfers. If you meet that description than keep reading, otherwise you might consider dropping back to the X-22 Irons which are considerable more forgiving. Let's take a look at these amazing golf clubs from Callaway.

Iron Design & Construction:
The 1020 carbon steel construction of these x-forged irons provide an amazing feel and performance that is expected by today's scratch golfer. The iron heads provide more bounce which improves turf interaction. The head design also provides more camber giving the golfer more versatility. The tightened sole radius on these clubs also adds to the clubs versatility under various playing conditions. These irons provide optimal trajectories, ball flight, and most importantly distance control which is expected by all seasoned players. Lastly these irons provide a progressive dual notch weighting design. Essentially the longer irons have weight removed, and the shorter irons have weight added which produces a strong, penetrating trajectory.

Used X-Forged Irons on

Our Review:
The first thing we noticed about these 2009 Callaway X-Forged irons is their solid feel and good head weight distribution. If you're familiar with the 2007 X-Forged irons you'll notice a big difference in the feel due to the top line notches. The top line notch is much thicker. Also, the dig factor on these clubs is exceptional due to the straight sole design. These clubs offer great distance and even great control not to mention feel and playability. An all around solid club.

It's also worth mentioning these clubs are turning non-Callaway golfers into Callaway addicts. They are just that nice. If you're a 10 handicap or below these are an excellent club worth dropping in your bag!

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