Ping S57 Irons For Sale

Ping certainly has a long list of tour pros crowing about their line of clubs. And the S57 is no exception. In fact, Angel Cabrera won the Masters with the S57 irons.

What draws the big players to these clubs? Aesthetically, the brushed steel creates an attractive club. But looks will only get you so far on the golf course.

Feel is certainly a factor. The S57 improvements create a better-balanced club that strikes the ball differently. For example, the S57 features improved stability and is more forgiving than other blades. The hosel length is longer, and Ping has once again added a tungsten weight in the toe, redistributing the club's weight to allow for crisper shots. A urethane insert and stabilizing bars dampen vibrations. The somewhat smaller head provides a greater Moment of Inertia (MOI).

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When you take these Ping S57 golf clubs for sale out on the golf course, you'll enjoy more spin and forgiveness. These clubs can be game-changers for mid-handicappers as they allow you to have better control over a variety of shots. At address, the smaller head is very obvious. But don't be fooled by the appearance of the Ping S57 or by its popularity with pro players. This little iron still offers a lot of forgiveness, so you don't have to be perfect on every swing.

You can keep your shots a little lower but enjoy a better penetrating ball flight. All of these improvements add up to one thing: A better, easier time getting to the green and a chance for experienced players to really hone their shots.

Consider these Ping S57 golf clubs for sale if you're looking for a new set of irons to improve your game. Carry the same clubs the pros do and find out why they put so much faith in Ping's line of clubs.

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