Titleist 690 Irons For Sale

The Titleist 690 Irons for sale have a bright and traditional chrome finish and are forged from 1025 mild carbon steel. The classic black paintfill makes for a striking contrast that is typical of Titleist. The weight shelf design is progressive through the set of irons making for excellent playability and and top flight performances. The long irons have a low weight distribution which helps propel the ball for a better launch and high trajectory. The mid-weighting levels in the middle range clubs provide a conventional bridging to the short irons. The short irons have a classic shaped club head and heavier weighting for more control over the ball. The wider sole has a blunt style leading edge. The camber is moderate and the prominent bounce angle make for smooth turf interaction.

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The Titleist 690 Irons for sale are the classic player's iron. They have all the playability any level player could ask for. Higher flights come with ease but there is no sacrificing of the control of the ball. These clubs give the player an advantage of a tour-quality club but enough workability that he or she can work on their technique and improve their game. The Titleist 609 Irons for sale will get great distance on any shot and have a really satisfying feedback. The sound at impact is a nice clink that gives a good strong feel and promotes confidence. The consistency of these clubs is impeccable no matter which size from the set being used. Transitioning through the long to mid to short irons is fluid-like and makes for a really satisfying experience. No choppy shots with these irons, just high quality, well controlled, and slightly forgiving strokes the whole round through. They also have a smooth look to them with classic qualities that are very pleasing to the eye. Very affordable and just as high-performing as some clubs that are triple the cost.

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